Straight knots

An invariant that I developed and am looking to computing for the standard table of knots and some classes of knots. I am researching the relation between the geometry and topology of knot complements and this new diagrammatic invariant.

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Bridge Spectrum

The main topic of my thesis is bridge spectrum. Bridge spectrum is a generalization of bridge number and it looks at how a knot can interact with a surface in space, in a minimal way.

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3D Modeling and Printing

3D modeling and printing is an exciting new tool that I am exploring with my collaborator Kyle Istvan. We are in the process of building programs which we plan to put online for anyone to use.

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Projects and information

Below are a few projects I have been working on, many with collaborators. Also a page with all my job application materials, including my CV and publication list.

3D modeling and printing seminar

Here is some information about the seminar in a beamer presentation of a talk I gave about it at Mathfest in Washington D.C. 2015.

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Automating .stl files

Joint work with Kyle Istvan, we have been working on producing code to make .stl files of knots, Riemann sums of surfaces, and Seifert surfaces.

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Knots in 3D!

A 3D view of some knots. Look for more of these to come soon!

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Job Materials

Here is where I keep my CV, teaching statement, research statement, and publication list.

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