"But that we shall be better and braver and less helpless if we think that we ought to enquire, than we should have been if we indulged in the idle fancy that there was no knowing and no use in seeking to know what we do not know," - Socrates, from Plato's Meno

Below are classes I am currently teaching and have taught. Students: Please use the Blackboard page for any documents from class, unless specifically directed here. Hood Blackboard

Hood College

Fall 2021

Calculus II
Discrete Math
Linear Algebra

Summer 2021

Mathematical Modeling for Teachering

Spring 2021

Intro to Applied Statistics
Calculus I
Real Analysis

Fall 2020

Calculus I
Discrete Math

Past teaching assignments

Colby College

Spring 2020

Calculus I - Two sections
Linear Algebra - One section

Fall 2019

Calculus I - Two sections

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

Spring 2019

Running an independent study on math neuroscience.

Fall 2018

Teaching an Intro to proof class using an IBL-style for a small group of students.

Summer 2018

Mentoring graduate student rotation in Topology and Geometry of Manifolds Unit, focusing on abstract algebra and combinatorics.

Spring 2018

Co-teaching an Independent study for graduate students in Algebraic Topology, part II

Fall 2017

Co-taught an Independent study for graduate students in Algebraic Topology, part I

Gettysburg College

Spring 2017

Calculus II - two sections
Differential Equations

Fall 2016

Calculus I - three sections

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Summer 2016

Math 812T - Geometry for Geometry Teachers (Teaching Assistant for Adam Larios)
A two week course that covered axiomatic Euclidean, spherical, and hyperbolic geometries, designed to give a deeper understand to geometry teachers.

Spring 2016

Algebra and Trigonometry- MATH 103, section 001
This is a 5 credit course, which is the combination of College Algebra- MATH 101 and Trigonometry-MATH 102. It meets 5 days a week.

Fall 2015

Calculus I - MATH 106, section 750
This section of calculus I is exclusively for W. H. Thopmson Scholars.

Spring 2015

None - MCTP Fellowship awarded. Mentoring Through Critical Transition Points is a grant from the NSF, and comes with a semester of no teaching for research purposes.

Fall 2014

Mathematics Matters - A Course for education majors that is meant to deepen their understanding and proficiency in math, so they will be more well equipped to teach mathematics.

Summer 2014

Topology Qualifying Exam Workshop
MATH 800 - For the Summer, I assisted Jim Lewis in the MATH 800 course, which is part of NebraskaMATH.

Spring 2014

None - Research Semester, supported by my advisor, Susan Hermiller, from her NSF grant DMS-1313559

Fall 2013

Trigonometry- MATH 102

Earlier Classes

  • Trigonometry- MATH 102
  • Algebra and Trigonometry- MATH 103
  • Calculus II Recitation- MATH 107r
  • Calculus I Recitation- MATH 106r
  • MATH 800 (GTA for Michelle Homp)
  • MATH 800 (GTA for Gordan Woodward)

3D modeling and printing seminar

Here is some information about the seminar in a beamer presentation of a talk I gave about it at Mathfest in Washington D.C. 2015.

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Knots in 3D!

A 3D view of some knots. Look for more of these to come soon!

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